SydneyVince1Sydney and Vince Flynn are a married couple who taught for over forty years in American schools overseas. They have retired and are now living in Tucson, where they met at the University of Arizona. They are active in community theater, Sydney as an actor and Vince as a director and both as struggling playwrights. Now that they have more time, they have returned to painting and are interested in sharing their work with others.

About Sydney

I received my BFA and MFA in commercial art from the University of Arizona. I was actually the first-ever MFA candidate in the art department.

I wanted to become an illustrator. My two very different interests were cartoons in the style of Hilary Knight and Ronald Searle, and dark scenes from mystery movies and horror stories. There were always a lot of pulp detective magazines and ghost stories around the house because my father liked them.

In my senior year I won a contest sponsored by Mademoiselle magazine with my illustrations for Alice In Wonderland. The prize was a trip to New York and a month as guest art editor for the magazine. While I was there I got to meet and interview one of my idols, Hilary Knight. After I completed my graduate degree, I was hired as an illustrator at Hallmark Cards. I worked for a short time in their new Contemporary line, drawing cartoon babies, cartoon Victorian kids, and long Searle-style skinny women. Everything seemed to be leading toward a career as a cartoonist-illustrator.

Instead I became an art teacher and spent years in international schools around the world. Over time I gradually lost interest in cartooning and turned to painting. My work is still illustrational. Most of it depicts scenes in which something mysterious has happened or is about to happen.

About Vince

I am a former English teacher and a self-taught artist working my way through the art world and discovering a lot about its crafts, its tools, its history, and its many joys and rewards. In my pen and ink drawings and mixed-media paintings I am especially but not exclusively inspired by stories from both the Old and the New Testaments of the Bible.